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Initial Consultation £300



Follow Up Consultation £200

Private Medical Insurance

I am fee assured with every private medical insurer. This means that where the insurer’s cover for a certain procedure has been reduced, I will reduce my fee to help you avoid paying a shortfall. Although your premiums may have increased over time, you may be surprised to discover that what your insurer pays out to your consultant (i.e. your cover) has reduced substantially for many procedures.

There is often some confusion with invoices. The hospital and the consultant are two separate entities. The hospital may send you invoices on its behalf only for things that your insurance doesn’t cover like crutches or post-operative shoes etc. My office will only send invoices to you if your insurance policy asks us to. This will never be for a shortfall payment. This will only be because your policy specifically states that it will only cover a specific percentage of the procedure, you are required to make a co-payment, you have an excess to pay, or your outpatient limit has been reached.

Self Funding

If a procedure becomes necessary, a package price quote can be organised for you. Depending on which hospital you wish to have the operation, the quote can include your physiotherapy, follow up x-rays and scans etc. It also includes the cost of follow up consultations as long as they are related to the procedure. Although my fees for service will remain the same, different hospitals will have their own charges, hence the different costs for the same procedure at different hospitals.

Bupa open referrals policies

Bupa open referral customers beware. By taking up this policy you are allowing someone who is not medically qualified to decide who you are allowed to see driven by cost. If you are unhappy with their decision, exercise your consumer rights to complain by contacting 0345 606 6739 and if you remain unhappy with their response, escalate your complaint to 0800 023 4567


If you would like to request an appointment or have any questions then please get in touch by clicking below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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